Doctor - Patient Health Records

About Us

Doctor — Patient Health Records (DRPHR) and the Allutia Product have actually been percolating for about a year.

Our parent company Wealth Create Webs LLC www.wealthcreatewebs.com business concept is to offer small to medium sized businesses their own websites with low entry costs.

Our partners have over 25 years experience in secure online transaction processing including financial and healthcare industries.

How Doctor — Patient Health Records (DRPHR) and Allutia came about was a series of events.

One of our partners went through arthroscopic knee surgery and had to fill out the same long information form of medical history at both the Orthopedic Surgeon and Hospital. When inquiring about getting it from the regular Doctor, was told this wasn't possible. Additionally the same exact tests were done in both places.

Another partner had a Dermatologist appointment and the Dermatology office mailed out the same long information form of medical history. When inquired if this couldn't be done online from their website, was told this wasn't possible.

Another incident occurred at a Dentist's office where staff were complaining about the tedious and time consuming re-entry from the paper medical history form into their practice management software for new patients. This was precipitated by some penmanship which was not easily decipherable.

Within website development for Medical Professionals, the question on the 1st consultation always came up whether new patient information could be entered online via their website.

The list goes on but suffice it to say we saw a large need to assist and not hinder medical professionals in their valuable service and practices. From duplication of information, to overwhelming paper, to lawsuits because of Doctor's being, by nature, trusting and caring individuals.

We believe our solution of Doctor — Patient Health Records (DRPHR) offers the flexibility to help streamline practices without a large capital investment.

We invite you to review this site, try our demo, and evaluate for yourself its merits and value.