Doctor - Patient Health Records


"Allutia" is the product name for the Doctor–Patient Health Records DRPHR service. We are currently in version 2.1 general availability.

Our mission is to be a major communications conduit between doctor and patient Personal Health Records (PHRs) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs), of any kind, with a flexible plug and play software as a service platform that meets relevant standards and is designed to provide both doctors and patients the ability to safely and securely control and move their information anywhere in the world.

The economic incentives to medical professionals enacted into law to accelerate the adoption of computerized medical records are a potential boon to the healthcare industry. However, the fact remains that there are billions of pieces of paper moving to and from patients and doctors throughout the world.

Our flagship patent pending product Allutia version 2.0 seeks to empower medical professionals and health care consumers by facilitating access to consumer medical records and associated vital documents. Being a web-based secure service, entry costs are low to Medical Professionals and Practices, not requiring a major capital investment.

Version 2.0:

Version 2.0 is primarily targeted at New Patient electronic form submission to Doctors and Dentists of all disciplines. This includes additional forms such as HIPAA Compliance pre-filled for signature.

Additionally, it facilitates an easy, quick, and cost effective web presence for all Medical Practices. In this era, it is important to have at least a web presence and offer this channel convenience to prospective new patients to your practice.


Version 2.1:


  • Integration with select Practice Management Software Systems for automated patient information ingestion.
  • Enable secure Referrals & Information sharing of Patient information/profiles between Doctors.
  • Integration with additional select Practice Management Software Systems for automated patient information ingestion.