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Welcome to our demonstration area. Please note information entered in the demo is not persisted for any length of time. Generally once you close your browser, the data will be deleted from our demo system.


Step 1 "The Patient Experience"
Click the following link to view a demonstration of the New Patient experience filling out the new patient form. Picture the example as being linked from your Practice website:
Please click below and fill out your New Patient Form to expedite your first visit.
- Online Secure New Patient Form


Step 2 "The Doctor Experience"
Click the following link to view a demonstration of the Doctor/Practice Staff experience in viewing and downloading new patient forms for ingestion into your Practice Managment Software. Picture the example as a result of a new patient email to your practice notifying you of a submisson:
- Online Secure Doctor Login


Step 3 "Views and Fields"
DRPHR-Allutia uses a loosely coupled View concept with configurable fields in each view based on Medical/Dental Discipline. Click on some examples below:
-Expanded Patient Infor View
-More Expanded Patient Infor View
-Pain and Numbness Scale
-Orthopedic/Body Symptoms
-Medications Fillin with Auto-Suggest Med Names
-Top 20 U.S. Medications List
-Configurable Medications Checkboxes
-Dental Medications Checkboxes
-Configurable Dental Conditions
-Configurable Medical Conditions


Step 4 "Signup or Contact Us "
Simple to use, cost effective, straight forward, and secure. If you're interested in signing up, go to our Signup page or if you have questions/comments, please contact us Toll Free at 877-557-0132 or use our Contact Us page.

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