Doctor - Patient Health Records

The Issues and the Solution

The Issues

Today's Health Care environment is rapidly changing. Doctor's across all disciplines are being pushed in many directions with some major problems emerging. Doctor's became doctors out of compassion and a desire to make life better for those they serve. But navigating toward that simple goal is becoming more and more complicated. Doctors and their practices have become targets:

  1. Perceived as having money to spend, Doctor's have become the target of many Practice Management Solutions which tout 'the solution' for all problems. These solutions tend to have a high entry cost and don't live up to the 'as advertised' benefits. The web is littered with stories of Doctors Groups and Practices who have spent $100,000 plus on a solution which left them with less than they had before…

  2. Most Doctor's already have Practice Management Software which they have invested in over the last few years. The changing technology environment now says switch again!

  3. The changing Health Care landscape with Health Care Reform and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act means change is on the horizon, yet a large investment at this point is not financially sound. For that which you invest in today may be obsolete tomorrow.

  4. The government is offering a significant amount of HITECH Act stimulus money to physicians over the next few years for “meaningful use” of an EHR/PHR. Unfortunately, the 'meaningful use' has not yet been defined. "While traditional software vendors are making promises that their functionality will 'evolve' to 'meet standards for meaningful use,' there is no guarantee.

The Solution

  1. Start small leveraging your current Practice Management Software system adding features which compliment your current practice without a major investment.

  2. Do not commit to a large practice management change or capital expenditure without a solid exit strategy. Build your strategy as 'legos', adding features but not tightly coupling to the way your practice successfully functions today.

  3. Watch and listen to see how HITECH and Health Care Reform emerge.

We believe our solution of Doctor – Patient Health Records (DRPHR) fits this paradigm. We develop a relationship with each Health Care Provider we serve. Our Product named 'Allutia' is evolving with low entry costs and loosely coupled services built to complement your current Practice Management Software, not replace it. Our service-based / web-based approach insures we are uniquely positioned to evolve in the future direction of Health Care without significant infrastructure and hardware commitments from you.

We invite you to review this site, try our demo, and evaluate for yourself its merits and value.